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A. Fireworks, including any composition or device designed to produce a visual or audible effect by combustion, deflagration, or detonation, and which meets the definition of articles pyrotechnic or consumer fireworks or display fireworks under Ch. 70.77 RCW, shall not be manufactured, used, sold or detonated within the city of Monroe, Washington, except as follows:

1. Flares for emergency operation;

2. Signal device to begin an athletic event or sport;

3. Use by military organizations;

4. Blank cartridges for show or theater;

5. A public fireworks display permitted in accordance with MMC 15.04.110 and RCW 70.77.260; and

6. “Common fireworks” as such term is defined by WAC 212-17-035.

B. Any person desiring to:

1. Manufacture, import, possess with intent to sell, or sell any fireworks at wholesale or retail for any use; or

2. Make a public display of fireworks in accordance with MMC 15.04.110 and RCW 70.77.260 within the city of Monroe shall, not less than five days prior to such activity, obtain from the city a business license pursuant to Chapter 5.02 MMC. (Ord. 005/2005)