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A. Any person is guilty of a misdemeanor who, by means or use of the telephone:

1. Disturbs, or tends to disturb, the peace, quiet or right of privacy of any other person or family by repeated and continued anonymous or identified telephone messages intended to harass or disturb the person or family to whom the call is directed;

2. By a single call or repeated calls, uses obscene, profane, indecent or offensive language or suggests any lewd or lascivious act over or through a telephone, or threatens any physical violence or harm to any person or family; or

3. Repeatedly and continuously rings the telephone of any person or family with intent to disturb or harass them; provided, however, that the normal use of the telephone for the purpose of requesting payment of debts or obligations or for other legitimate business purposes shall not constitute a violation of this section.

B. The foregoing act shall be deemed committed at the place where the telephone call is either made or received. (Ord. 628, 1976)