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A. General. No person shall erect, reconstruct, alter, relocate or place any sign within the city except such signs as are permitted, exempt, or not specifically regulated by this title. All signs, including the frames, braces or supports thereof, shall be constructed and maintained in compliance with this title, all applicable requirements of the Uniform Sign Code, Uniform Building Code, and all other applicable ordinances of the city.

B. Conflict of Provisions. If any provision of this chapter conflicts with the Uniform Sign Code or the Uniform Building Code, the provision of this chapter will govern.

C. Structure. Structural components of signs are regulated by the currently adopted edition of the Uniform Sign Code.

D. Electrical. Electrical components of signs are regulated by the currently adopted edition of the National Electric Code. All electrical signs must bear the U.L. label and shall receive a permit from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries prior to issuance of the sign permit. All utilities, including electrical service, shall be located underground.

E. Illumination. The light directed upon, or internal to, any sign shall be shaded, shielded or directed so that the light intensity or glare shall not adversely affect the surrounding or facing premises, or adversely affect safe vision of operators of vehicles moving on public or private roads, highways or parking areas, or adversely affect safe vision of pedestrians on a public right-of-way. Glare and intense lighting of signs shall not shine on or directly reflect into residential structures. Flashing devices are prohibited from use where they are visible from the exterior of a building or location.

F. Sight Obstructions. All signs are subject to review by the city engineer for conformance with view obstruction and clearance triangle requirements.

G. Design and Materials.

1. Signs shall be designed for the purpose of identifying the facility or establishment in an attractive and functional manner and to help customers find the specific establishment and location; signs in residential zones should not serve as general advertising.

2. Signs shall be integrated into storefront, building and site design, where applicable, and shall be compatible with their residential, office, business or public park or open space surroundings, and clearly inform viewers of the building tenant or use.

3. Signs shall contain graphic elements that are readable for the intended purpose and of professional design quality.

4. Materials of construction for signs shall be of the quality and grade as specified for buildings in the building code.

5. Electrical raceways, if used, shall be painted to match the background color of the surface the sign is affixed to.

6. Backs of Signs. Exposed areas of backs of signs should be finished with appropriate color, material or texture to present an attractive appearance relative to the building materials, color and texture.

H. Inspections. All signs for which a permit is required shall be subject to inspection by the city. The permit holder shall notify the city when the following work is ready for inspection and shall not proceed further until such work has been approved:

1. Footings. Before any concrete is poured for freestanding signs or any other sign partially supported on or attached to the ground.

2. Electrical. Signs containing electrical wiring shall be inspected before erection.

3. Final. Signs shall have a final inspection, which is to be made immediately after erection.

4. Relocation Required. The city of Monroe may, on ten days’ written notice, by reason of changed traffic conditions or the construction or relocation of public improvements or otherwise, find that a private sign that extends over or maintained on a public property or the public right-of-way must be relocated. The person maintaining such sign must remove, relocate or alter the sign in accordance with the city’s finding at their sole expense.

I. Fire Exits. No sign or any portion thereof shall be anchored to, or attached to, or supported by any fire escape or any standpipe, or erected so as to obstruct or prevent the free ingress and egress from any window, door or fire escape.

K. Property Owner’s Consent. It is unlawful for any person to place, attach or maintain any sign, banner, card, sticker, handbill or other advertising device, within the right-of-way, upon or within any property, whether public or private, without securing the consent of the owner or their tenant or the underlying property owner if placing within the right-of-way, except as otherwise authorized by this chapter or by other applicable law.

L. Projection Over Public Property. Signs supported entirely on private property may extend into the public right-of-way as set forth in the sign allowance table; provided, that in no event shall any sign be permitted to extend beyond the curb line. In the absence of a curb, the curb line shall be established by the city engineer.

M. Clearance from Power Lines. No sign shall be constructed or maintained which would have less horizontal or vertical clearance from communications lines or electric power lines than the clearance prescribed by the Electrical Construction Code of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. In case of conflict, the most restrictive shall apply. Whenever it becomes necessary for workmen to be less than ten feet from any electrical conductor carrying more than six hundred volts, the sign contractor shall notify the proper utility company to provide a standby service crew.

N. Power Source. No sign of any type shall be serviced by an overhead electric or power line from a source other than that which is internal to the sign.

O. Parking Lot Signs. Within parking lots, should be limited to those necessary for safety and identification. Any required signs for individual stalls should be marked on the pavement. Freestanding or wall-mounted signs should not be permitted, with the exception of ADA handicapped accessible parking signs. Entry/exit signs to parking areas are allowed as shown in the sign allowance table. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))