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This section contains the requirements for lighting systems for which a conditional lighting permit is required.

A. Upon issuance of a conditional lighting permit by the community development department, lighting systems not complying with the technical requirements of this chapter but consistent with the intent of this chapter may be installed for the following applications:

1. Sport fields and stadiums;

2. Construction lighting;

3. Industrial lighting for hazardous areas where the heat of the lighting fixture may cause a dangerous situation;

4. Bridges;

5. National and state flag lighting with spotlights greater than seventy watts;

6. Specialized theme park lighting;

7. Floodlighting of buildings over two stories high;

8. Public monuments, public buildings, and houses of worship; and

9. Industrial areas where higher pole heights are required for mechanical or safety reasons.

B. The community development department shall review each such application. A permit may be granted if, upon review, the department believes that the proposed lighting will not create unwarranted glare, sky glow, or light trespass. (Ord. 032/2007 § 1)