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A. Maintenance Required. All storm water facilities shall be maintained in accordance with this chapter and the storm water management manual. Systematic, routine preventive maintenance is preferred.

B. Minimum Standards. The following are the minimum standards for the maintenance of storm water facilities:

1. Facilities shall be inspected annually and cleared of debris, sediment and vegetation when they affect the functioning and/or design capacity of the facility.

2. Grassy swales and other biofilters shall be inspected monthly and mowed or replanted as necessary. Clippings are to be removed and properly disposed of.

3. Where lack of maintenance is causing or contributing to a water quality problem, immediate action shall be taken to correct the problem. Within one month, the director shall revisit the facility to assure that it is being maintained.

C. Disposal of Waste from Maintenance Activities. Disposal of waste from maintenance activities shall be conducted in accordance with the Minimum functional standards for solid waste handling, Chapter 173-304 WAC, guidelines for disposal of waste materials from storm water maintenance activities, and where appropriate, the Dangerous waste regulations, Chapter 173-303 WAC.

D. Compliance. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance, operation or repair of storm water drainage systems and BMPs. Property owners shall maintain, operate and repair these facilities in compliance with the requirements of this chapter and the storm water management manual. (Ord. 1038, 1994)