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As used in this chapter, the terms listed below shall be defined as follows:

A. “Cost of construction” shall mean those costs incurred for design, acquisition of right-of-way and/or easements, six percent administrative fee, construction, materials and installation required in order to create an improvement which complies with city standards. Until such time as Chapter 35.91 RCW is amended to expressly authorize inclusion of interest charges or other financing costs, such expenses shall not be included in the calculation of construction costs. In the event of a disagreement between the city and the applicant concerning the cost of the improvement, the city director’s determination shall be final.

B. “Director” shall mean the city administrator or his/her designated representative.

C. “Reimbursement agreement” means a written contract between the city and one or more property owners providing for construction of water or sewer facilities and for partial reimbursement to the party causing such improvements to be made of a portion of the costs of such improvements by owners of property benefited by the improvements, as more specifically described in Chapter 35.91 RCW.

D. “Water or sewer facilities” shall have the meaning specified in RCW 35.91.020 as it now reads or as hereafter amended. (Ord. 007/2011 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 1088, 1996; Ord. 920, 1989)