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For low-income senior citizens as hereinafter defined, the nonprofit multifamily residential utility rate shall be as established by periodic resolution of the city council. The rate established under this section is restricted to multifamily residences that are: (A) exclusively occupied by low-income senior citizens, and (B) owned or operated by entities with nonprofit public benefit status as defined by RCW 24.03.490. For purposes of this section, “low-income senior citizens” are defined as persons being fifty-five years of age or older and having an annual household income of fifty percent or less of the area median income for Snohomish County, as published by the Washington State Office of Financial Management. In the event that such income determination is no longer published, the city may use such other reasonable methods of determining average median income as it may choose.

The discount rates provided for herein are available only upon application, which is required to be updated annually by the customer. Such annual update shall provide current documentation of the customer’s nonprofit public benefit status and certify that all residents of the multifamily facility are low-income senior citizens as defined herein. (Ord. 017/2013 § 1)