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Whenever in this chapter the following terms are used, they shall have the meanings respectively set forth in this section:

“Go-cart” means a vehicle distinguished by its small wheels (usually four) capable of carrying one person, the operator, propelled by a gas engine, and used or operated on a smooth, hard surface, and designed for use as a sport or toy, rather than for useful transportation.

“Roller skates” means a pair of shoes, mounted upon two sets of wheels, or other combination of wheels, and is most often propelled by the use in the upright, standing position or kneeling.

“Scooters” and “soapbox cars” mean small-wheeled carts or wagons, upon or in which one or more child (or children) rides, having no mechanical driving power, and which is usually propelled by foot by the operator, or pushed by an assistant, or permitted to coast downhill by gravity pull.

“Skateboard” means a short board composed of lumber, plastic or other substitute, to which is attached a set of roller skate wheels, or other similar wheels, which device is used primarily by children at play, and is usually propelled along a smooth paved hard surface by the user who sometimes stands, sits, kneels or lies upon the device while it is in motion. (Ord. 966, 1991)