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Number Description Action Date Disposition
Ord. 013/2003 Springhill (Foothills) final plat Special
Ord. 012/2003 Accessory dwelling units Repealed by 005/2019
Ord. 011/2003 PRD/affordable housing Repealed by 024/2009
Ord. 010/2003 Amends speed limits Repealed by 009/2018
Ord. 009/2003 Amends Ord. 1224 on interim basis (6 months) Special
Ord. 008/2003 Adopts North Kelsey guidelines Special
Ord. 007/2003 Acquisition, condemnation of Sadis property Special
Ord. 006/2003 Solid waste management Codified
Ord. 005/2003 Establishes park impact fees Repealed by 005/2019
Ord. 004/2003 Amends comprehensive plan Special
Ord. 003/2003 Amends public services Codified
Ord. 002/2003 Amends 2002 budget Special
Ord. 001/2003 Amends Title 21, development review procedures Repealed by 005/2019