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A. Requirements of Uniform Animal Control Citation Form and Content. A uniform animal control citation conforming to the requirements of the Revised Code of Washington, Criminal Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (CrRLJ) 2.1(b).

B. Commencement of Action for Animal Control Ordinance Violations.

1. An animal control officer may issue an animal control citation under the following circumstances:

a. To an owner of a dog or animal for violation of this chapter committed in his presence and when committed in any location within the incorporated area of the city.

b. To the owner of a dog or animal at a place outside the incorporated area of the city if:

i. The violation was committed in his presence at a location within the incorporated area, or the offense occurs outside the incorporated area of the city and in his presence even though the violation may originate outside the incorporated area of Monroe, Washington, and

ii. The animal control officer immediately proceeds to ascertain the person who committed or allowed the violation to occur, and

iii. The animal control officer cites the person immediately upon ascertaining the person’s identity; provided, however, that alternative means of service as provided in subsection (C) of this section may be used to perfect service.

C. If two or more dogs jointly engage in any conduct meeting the definition of dangerous/potentially dangerous dog, then regardless of the degree of participation by the individual dog, all dogs shall be deemed dangerous/potentially dangerous dogs.

D. Service of Citation. If a citation is commenced as described in subsection (B)(1)(b)(i) or (ii) of this section, an animal control officer, peace officer or city attorney respectively shall serve the summons portion of such citation in one of the following manners:

1. Personal service upon the defendant or service to any member of his family over fourteen years of age who is competent and resides at that abode;

2. If after reasonable and due diligence the defendant cannot be personally served, then the summons portion of said citation may be made by registered mail, return receipt requested, mailed to such person at his last known address, with postage prepaid thereon.

E. Minimum Requirements for Summons. A summons for an animal control ordinance violation is sufficient if it contains the following: the name of the court, name of the person cited (defendant), date on which the citation was issued, the date of birth of the defendant, the defendant’s last known address of record, the place in which the person cited is to appear in court, a brief description or law designation of the offense so as to be readily understood by a person reading same, and the time and place in which the violation is alleged to have occurred.

F. Appearance by a Defendant. The defendant shall appear in court at the time mentioned in the summons if charged with any violations under this chapter, unless he shall appear prior to such time and deliver to the court the summons, together with check or money order in the amount of the bail set forth on the summons; provided, however, that appearance in the court shall be mandatory in the instance of the following offenses:

1. Owning a dangerous dog;

2. Owning a vicious dog;

3. Owning a dog or cat infected with a contagious disease that runs at large or is exposed in a public place whereby the health of man or beast may be affected;

4. Owning a dog or cat not vaccinated for rabies within the past two years which has been alleged to have bitten a person and which has not been properly and adequately quarantined;

5. Committing acts of cruelty or neglect to an animal. (Ord. 012/2011 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 002/2011 § 5; Ord. 005/2009 § 5; Ord. 022/2004; Ord. 1274, 2002; Ord. 981, 1991)