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A. Right to Appeal. The applicant shall have the right to appeal the denial of a permit or a permit condition. The applicant shall also have the right to appeal the amount of fees or cleanup deposits imposed pursuant to this chapter, or a determination by the city that the applicant’s insurance policy does not comply with the requirements specified in this chapter.

B. Written Notice of Appeal. A written notice of appeal shall be filed within five days after the mailing or personal delivery of a notice of denial or permit condition with the risk manager. This appeal shall set the grounds for the appeal.

C. Appeal to Mayor or Designee. The mayor or his designee shall hear the applicant or a designated representative, receive any relevant information and documents, and act on the appeal within five business days. The decision of the mayor or his designee is appealable to the city council if there is sufficient time to be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting.

D. If Sufficient Time for Council Appeal. If there is sufficient time for a timely appeal to be heard by the city council, on a decision made by the mayor or his designee, prior to the date on which the event is scheduled, the applicant may, at his option, request that the matter be scheduled before the city council. The decision of the city council is final. (Ord. 923, 1989)