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A. Notice of Application. A notice of application shall be issued in accordance with the provisions of this subsection.

1. The notice of application shall include, but is not limited to:

a. The file number;

b. The name, address, and phone number of applicant or applicant’s representative;

c. The date of application, the date of the notice of completeness, and the date of the notice of application;

d. A description of the proposed project action and a list of the project permits included in the application and, if applicable, a list of any studies requested under RCW 36.70B.070;

e. The identification of other required permits not included in the application, to the extent known by the city;

f. A vicinity map;

g. The identification of existing environmental documents that evaluate the proposed project, and, if not otherwise stated on the document, the location where the application and any studies can be reviewed;

h. A statement of the duration of the public comment period;

i. A statement of the right of any person to comment on the application, receive notice of hearings, request a copy of the decision once made, and any appeal rights;

j. The date, time, place, and type of hearing, if applicable;

k. Any other information determined appropriate by the city; and

l. Identification of the responsible city official.

2. Time Frame for Issuance of Notice of Application.

a. The city shall issue a notice of application within fourteen days after the city has made a determination of completeness of a project permit application.

b. If an open record public hearing is required for the requested project permit(s), the notice of application shall be provided at least fifteen days prior to the hearing.

3. Public Comment on the Notice of Application.

a. The public comment period for a notice of application shall be a minimum of fourteen days and a maximum of twenty-eight days after notice issuance as determined appropriate by the zoning administrator.

b. All public comments received on the notice of application must be received by City Hall by five p.m. on the last day of the comment period. Comments may be mailed, emailed, or personally delivered. Comments should be as specific as possible and shall include the name and address of the commenting party.

c. The notice of application shall be distributed in accordance with subsection (E) of this section.

4. Except for a determination of significance (DS) or when issuing a determination of nonsignificance (DNS) under the optional DNS provisions, the city shall not issue its threshold determination or issue a decision or recommendation on a project permit until the expiration of the public comment period on the notice of application.

5. If the city issues a DS concurrently with the notice of application, the notice of application shall be combined with the DS and scoping notice. The DS and scoping notice may be issued prior to the notice of application.

B. SEPA Notification. Notification of a SEPA determination shall be in accordance with Chapter 22.78 MMC, State Environmental Policy Act, and the following:

1. Determinations of nonsignificance and mitigated determinations of nonsignificance shall be published in the city’s newspaper of record a minimum of fourteen days before the comment period ends, if there is a comment period, or on the day of issuance, if there is no comment period.

2. Determinations of nonsignificance and mitigated determinations of nonsignificance shall be provided to the city’s agency mailing list, the planning commission, the city council, DRC, applicant, and parties of record in accordance with the timelines set out in MMC 22.84.040(G).

C. Notice of Public Hearing/Public Meeting.

1. The notice given of a public hearing/meeting required by this title shall contain:

a. The name, address, and phone number of the applicant or the applicant’s representative;

b. The date, time, and place of the hearing;

c. A description of the subject property reasonably sufficient to inform the public of its location, including but not limited to the use of a map or address and an assessor’s parcel number;

d. The nature of the proposed use of development;

e. A statement that all interested persons may appear and provide testimony or comments;

f. When information may be examined, and when and how written comments may be submitted;

g. The name and the telephone number of the city staff to contact where additional information may be obtained;

h. A statement that a copy of the application, all documents, and evidence relied upon by the applicant and applicable criteria are available for inspection;

i. A statement that a copy of the staff report will be available for inspection at City Hall at least seven days prior to the hearing and that copies will be provided at cost.

2. Notice of a public hearing/meeting shall be published one time in the city’s newspaper of record a minimum of ten days before the public hearing/meeting date.

3. Continuations. If, for any reason, a meeting or hearing on a pending action cannot be completed on the date set in the public notice, the meeting or hearing may be continued to a date certain and no further notice under this section is required.

D. Notice of Decision. The city shall provide a written notice of decision that also includes a statement of any SEPA threshold determination made and the procedures for administrative appeal. The notice shall be provided to the applicant and any person who, prior to the rendering of the decision, requested notice of decision or submitted substantive comments on the application. The staff report can be the notice of decision.

E. Methods of Public Noticing.

1. Posting of the property for Type II, III, and IV project permit applications shall consist of one or more notice boards posted at least ten days prior to the date of hearing, or at least fourteen days prior to the end of any required comment period, as follows:

a. A single notice board shall be placed by the city at the midpoint of the site street frontage or otherwise for maximum visibility and where it is visible to pedestrians.

b. Additional notice boards may be required when the site does not abut a public road or if large site abuts more than one public road; or if the zoning administrator determines that additional notice boards are necessary to provide adequate public notice.

2. Published notice is required for all public hearings and shall include the information listed in subsection (C) of this section.

3. All actions requiring posting shall be posted in two places in the city. The Monroe Library and City Hall are the preferred locations.

4. Mailed Notice.

a. The notice of application and/or public hearing notices shall be mailed to:

i. The applicant;

ii. All owners of property within five hundred feet of the subject property. The records of the Snohomish County assessor’s office shall be used for determining the property owners of record within five hundred feet of the subject property. If the owner of the property that is the subject of the application owns an adjacent parcel(s), notice shall be given to any property owners within five hundred feet of that adjacent parcel.

iii. Any person who submitted written comments or who provided testimony at a public hearing on the application or who requested to be a party of record.

b. Preliminary Plat Actions. Preliminary plats require the following additional notice:

i. Notice of the filing of a preliminary plat and notice of public hearing shall be given to Snohomish County.

ii. Notice of the filing of a preliminary plat located adjacent to SR-2 and SR-522 shall be given to the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), who must respond within fifteen days of such notice. A notice of public hearing shall also be provided to the WSDOT.

c. All public notices shall be:

i. Deemed to have been provided or received on the date the notice is deposited in the mail or personally delivered, whichever occurs first.

ii. Considered supplementary to posted or published notice.

iii. Deemed satisfactory despite the failure of one or more owners, tenants, or residents to receive mailed notice.

5. Notices shall be mailed, posted, and published not less than fourteen days prior to the close of a comment period on a notice of application and not less than ten days prior to the public hearing date. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))