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The provisions of Chapter 22.10 MMC, Administration and Enforcement, shall regulate the enforcement of these critical areas regulations.

Adherence to the provisions of this chapter and/or to the project conditions shall be required throughout the construction of the development. Should the zoning administrator determine that a development is not in compliance with the approved plans, a stop work order may be issued for the violation. In the event of a violation of this chapter, the zoning administrator shall have the power to order complete or partial restoration of the critical area by the person or agent responsible for the violation. If such responsible person or agent does not complete such restoration within a reasonable time following the order, the city shall have the authority to restore the affected critical area to the prior condition wherever possible and the person or agent responsible for the original violation shall be indebted to the city for the cost of restoration. When a stop work order has been issued, construction shall not continue until such time as the violation has been corrected and that the same or similar violation is not likely to reoccur. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))