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The city shall require the following fees for its activities in accordance with the provisions of this chapter:

A. Threshold Determination. For every environmental checklist the city will review when it is lead agency, the city shall collect a fee, as set by the city council by periodic resolution, from the proponent of the proposal prior to undertaking the threshold determination. The time periods provided by this chapter for making a threshold determination shall not begin to run until payment of the fee. When the city completes the environmental checklist at the applicant’s request, or under WAC 173-806-090(3), a sum based upon city costs shall be collected.

B. Environmental Impact Statement.

1. When the city is the lead agency for a proposal requiring an EIS and the responsible official determines that employees of the city shall prepare the EIS, the city may charge and collect a reasonable fee from any applicant to cover the costs incurred by the city in preparing the EIS. The responsible official shall advise the applicant(s) of the projected costs for the EIS prior to actual preparation; the applicant shall post bond or otherwise ensure payment of such costs.

2. The responsible official may determine that the city will contract directly with a consultant for preparation of an EIS, or portion of the EIS, for activities initiated by some persons or entity other than the city and may bill such costs and expenses directly to the applicant. The city may require the applicant to post bond or otherwise ensure payment of such costs. Such consultants shall be selected by mutual agreement of the city and applicant.

3. If a proposal is modified so that an EIS is no longer required, the responsible official shall refund any fees collected under subsection (B)(1) or (B)(2) of this section which remain after incurred costs are paid.

C. Professional Service Costs. Whenever it is determined that the services of an engineer, biologist, attorney, land use planner or other professional consultant are reasonably necessary to assist city staff in performing activities required by this chapter, the applicant shall be charged a fee in an amount sufficient to reimburse the city for cost of such professional services. This fee shall be in addition to all other fees and charges provided for in this section. No permit for the proposed section shall be issued until professional services fees have been paid in full or a written agreement for payment in a form approved by the city attorney has been signed by the applicant and the city.

D. Public Notice Costs. The city may collect a reasonable fee from an applicant to cover the cost of meeting the public notice requirements of this chapter relating to the applicant’s proposal.

E. Consulted Agency Duties. The city shall not collect a fee for performing its duties as a consulted agency.

F. Copy Costs. The city may charge any person for copies of any document prepared under this chapter, and for mailing the document, in a manner provided by Chapter 42.17 RCW. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))