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22.74.030 Selection of amendments to be considered.
This section is included in your selections.

A. Selection Process. City of Monroe staff will submit all proposed amendments received prior to the last working day in July to the city council at the second council meeting in August along with an analysis of the proposed amendment in relation to the selection criteria and the application checklist. After holding a public hearing during the third council meeting of August, the city council shall select those proposed amendments that should be considered for further review. Notification of all public hearings shall be in the same manner as for project permit applications, as outlined in Chapter 22.84 MMC, Permit Processing. The city council may modify a proposed amendment during the selection process.

B. Selection Criteria. The city council should consider the following criteria when determining which proposed amendments should be considered for further review:

1. The proposed amendment advances the council’s vision of the city;

2. The proposed amendment advances goals and policies of the comprehensive plan;

3. The proposed amendment is consistent with the goals and regulations of the Growth Management Act;

4. The relationship of the proposed amendment to other city codes and regulations; and

5. The cumulative effect(s) of the proposed plan amendment(s).

C. Schedule. When selecting the proposed amendments to be considered, the city council will adopt a schedule for completion, including any input from the public and the planning commission.

D. Modification. The city council may modify a proposed amendment during the selection process. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))