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A. Application and Contents. An application for a conditional use permit shall be made according to the submittal requirements in Chapter 22.84 MMC, Permit Processing, on forms prescribed by the city, and shall include the fee established by the current fee resolution. All conditional use permit applications submitted in accordance with this title shall include the information set forth in MMC 22.84.040(D), Project Permit Applications, and in the following section. No application shall be deemed complete, nor accepted by the city, until all information set forth below has been submitted:

1. Completed application form;

2. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the owner(s) of record of the land, and of the applicant, and, if applicable, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any architect, planner, designer or engineer responsible for the preparation of the plan, and of any authorized representative of the applicant;

3. Existing zoning district(s) of the subject site;

4. Existing zoning district(s) within three hundred feet of the site;

5. Existing and proposed use(s) of the project site;

6. A site plan drawing at a scale of not less than one inch for each fifty feet, which shall include:

a. Locations of all existing and proposed buildings and structures;

b. The boundaries of the subject site;

c. All setback lines;

d. All critical areas and their associated buffers;

e. Existing lot area;

f. All existing and proposed easements;

g. The locations and size of all existing and proposed utility structures and lines;

h. The storm water drainage systems for existing and proposed structures; and

i. Sizes and locations of driveways, streets, and roads.

7. Other information and materials as may be required by the city to review the application. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))