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A. Location. Shall meet the following requirements:

1. A-frame signs shall conform to the size, number, location, and other specifications listed in the sign allowance table and illustrated in the sign design guidelines.

2. Shall be located on the premises for which it is advertising, in the location specified under the approved permit. Not to be located in the public right-of-way unless otherwise specified. Not to be located in required parking areas, affixed to or covering required landscaping such as bushes or shrubs. Portable or A-frame signs shall not be affixed to, mounted upon or placed upon vehicles parking within the public right-of-way.

3. Shall not interfere with pedestrian movement, nor impede the vision or block the movement of motorists on private or public rights-of-way; provided, however, that due to unique location or other particulars no portable or A-frame sign shall be of such a size that it intrudes into any area required to be free of impediments pursuant to the Washington State Barrier Free Access or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations as they now exist or may hereafter be amended.

4. A-frame signs in the downtown commercial zoning district may be located on the public sidewalk directly in front of the sponsoring business; provided, that a minimum distance of four feet is maintained between the wall of the sponsoring business and the portable sign. Additionally, the location requirements codified at subsection (A)(2) of this section and the permit requirements found in subsection (D) of this section must be satisfied. Where the public streetscape has been improved and the walkway is a minimum ten feet in width, A-frame signs may be placed within the two-foot zone extending from the private property line or building frontage; provided, that the sign does not extend further into or otherwise obstruct or detract from the portion of the walkway reserved for public access.

B. Illumination. Not permitted.

C. Construction. Portable signs shall be constructed of durable, rigid, all-weather materials (i.e., plywood, plastic, etc.) so as not to lose their structural integrity in inclement weather. Sign must be of a sufficient weight and stature to ensure that it will remain in place during high winds. Owners of portable signs shall be required to keep their signs legible and well maintained.

D. Additional Permit Requirements. For those signs located in the ROW, the applicant shall provide the city with a letter of indemnification appropriate to the city attorney, holding the city harmless for loss or injury resulting from the sign. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))