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22.44.080 ADA parking requirements.
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A. Unless otherwise amended, off-street parking and access for physically disabled persons shall be provided in accordance with Section 7503 of the regulations adopted pursuant to Chapter 19.27 RCW of the State Building Code, and Chapter 70.92 RCW, Public Buildings – Provisions for Aged and Handicapped, which generally requires parking as set out in Table 22.44.080: ADA Parking Requirements. The building official shall determine all ADA parking requirements, as subject to International Building Code (IBC) Chapter 11, Accessibility.

Table 22.44.080. ADA Parking Requirements

Parking Lot Size

Number of ADA Stalls

1 to 25 stalls

1 stall

26 to 50 stalls

2 stalls

51 to 75 stalls

3 stalls

76 to 100 stalls

4 stalls

101 to 150 stalls

5 stalls, etc.

B. One out of every eight ADA stalls must be sized to accommodate a disabled van-sized vehicle or provide at least one disabled van stall;

C. The ADA stall must be ninety-six inches wide with a sixty-inch aisle for a disabled person’s vehicle, and ninety-six inches wide with a ninety-six-inch aisle for a disabled person’s van. Two ADA stalls may share the aisle space. (Ord. 005/2019 § 10 (Exh. B))