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22.12.180 R definitions.
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An electrical enclosure which may also serve as a mounting structure for the sign.

Reader board

A sign or part of a sign specifically designed to allow for the display of temporary messages without alteration of the sign field, and on or within which the letters are readily replaceable such that copy can be changed from time to time at will, either by hand or through electronic programming.

Real estate directional sign

A temporary and/or portable sign that is intended to assist people finding the location of difficult to locate property that is for sale, rent, or lease.

Real estate sign

A temporary sign erected by the owner or their agent that advertises the real estate upon which the sign is located for rent, lease or sale, or directing people to the property.

Rear lot line

That boundary of a lot which is most distant from and is most nearly parallel to the front lot line. When a lot borders a body of water or stream beyond the ordinary high water mark, the rear lot line shall be considered to be the ordinary high water mark.

Reasonable use

The minimum to which a property owner is entitled under applicable state and federal constitutional provisions, including takings and substantive due process.


A change in zoning boundaries upon the zoning map, which is an official part of these zoning regulations.

Recreational vehicle (RV)

A vehicle with or without motor power designed for temporary occupancy as a residence. This definition includes motor homes, travel trailers, campers, and the like. Recreational vehicles are prohibited from use as permanent dwelling units in all zoning districts established by this title.

Recreational vehicle (RV) parks

Land under single ownership or control, designed and improved to accommodate the temporary parking of two or more recreational vehicles with associated common facilities such as showers and waste disposal areas. The term shall include campgrounds when designed to accommodate recreational vehicles, but does not include land zoned and used for the storage, display or sale of recreational vehicles.

Recycling center

A collection and processing point for nontoxic, recoverable substances that can be reprocessed for the manufacture of new products.

Religious institution

A facility operated for worship, prayer, meditation or similar activity by an organization granted tax exempt status by the federal Internal Revenue Service.

Relocatable facilities cost

The total cost based on actual facilities costs incurred by the district for purchasing and installing portable classrooms.

Relocatable facilities student capacity

The rated capacity of a typical portable classroom used for a specified grade span.

Relocatable facility

Any factory-built structure, transportable in one or more sections, that is designed to be used as an education space and is needed to prevent the overbuilding of school facilities, to meet the needs of service areas within the district or to cover the gap between the time that families move into new residential developments and the date that construction is completed on permanent school facilities.


The actual removal or causing the effective removal through damaging, poisoning, root destruction or other direct or indirect actions resulting in the death of vegetation.


To paint, clean or replace damaged parts of a sign, or to improve its structural strength, but not in a manner that would change the size, shape or location.

Research facility

An activity whose primary focus involves investigation and experimentation in the natural, physical, or social sciences. It typically involves a small amount of product development or assembly space and products testing, and supporting office space. Related administrative and corporate functions are incidental and subordinate to the primary research and development activities.


A building or structure, or portion thereof, which is designed for and used to provide a place of abode for human beings. “Residence” includes the term “residential” as to the type or intended use of a building.


A business establishment where meals or refreshments may be purchased and consumed.

Retail store

A permanent establishment engaged in selling goods or merchandise to the public for personal or household consumption, irrespective of the nature of the business, unless specifically excluded or differentiated as a different use. This definition may include department stores and retail shops, whether as an independent establishment or as part of a larger development, but excludes vehicle sales, outdoor retail sales, eating and drinking establishments, and taverns, among others.

Retirement housing and/or assisted living facility

Any form of congregate housing designed to provide for the particular needs of the elderly, seniors, or the physically disabled, who may have functional limitations due to age or physical impairment, but are otherwise in good health. Residents of such housing can maintain an independent or semi-independent lifestyle and do not require more intensive care as provided in a nursing or convalescent home. For the purposes of this definition, “elderly” or “senior” typically means persons fifty-five years of age or older. Design features may include but are not limited to wide doors and hallways and low counters to accommodate wheelchairs, support bars, specialized bathrooms and common dining, recreation or lounge areas. This definition shall not be construed to include facilities to house persons under the jurisdiction of the superior court or the Board of Prison Terms and Paroles.

Revolving sign

Any sign that rotates or turns in a circular motion by electrical or mechanical means.


An amendment or change of zoning district on the official zoning map. See also “amendment.”

Right-of-way use permit

The authorization by which the city grants permission to a service provider to enter and use the right-of-way at a specific location for the purpose of installing, maintaining, repairing, or removing identified facilities.


Land acquired or dedicated for public roads and streets but does not include:

A. Land dedicated for roads, streets, and highways not opened and not improved for motor vehicle use by the public;

B. Structures, including poles and conduits, located within the right-of-way; or

C. Federally granted railroad rights-of-way acquired under 43 USC 912, and related provisions of federal law, that are not open for motor vehicle use.

Riparian habitat

Areas adjacent to aquatic systems with flowing water that contain elements of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems that mutually influence each other.


A structure covering any portion of a building or structure, including the projection beyond the walls or supports.

Roof sign

An advertising sign erected upon or above a roof, parapet, canopy, or porte cochere of a building or structure including a sign affixed to any structure erected upon a roof, including a structure housing building equipment. Mansard roof signs shall be considered wall signs.

Routine vegetation management

Tree trimming or pruning and ground cover management undertaken by a person in connection with the normal maintenance and repair of property.


Runway 07-25 at First Air Field.

(Ord. 013/2019 § 2)