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22.12.150 O definitions.
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Official plans

The comprehensive plan, the zoning code, and the subdivision code of the city.


Being off a lot with or without buildings.

Off-premises sign

A sign that advertises a service, product, object, person, organization, institution, business, event, location or message that is not available on the property upon which the sign is located. This includes mobile signs and billboards if their placement constitutes an off-premises sign.

Off-premises sign, directional

A sign designated and used solely for the purpose of indicating the location or direction of a place or business and which is located on private property or the public right-of-way separate from the place or business.

Off-premises sign, public informational

A sign providing information about events conducted at a public or other community facility in a location different than the property on which the sign is posted.

Off-street parking

The parking area within the boundaries of a lot.


Being on a lot with or without buildings.

On-premises sign

A sign which displays a message that is directly related to the use of the property on which it is located.

Open house sign

A sign welcoming viewers to a piece of residential real estate that is being offered for sale.

Open record hearing

A hearing, conducted by a single hearing body, that creates the record through testimony and submission of evidence and information, under procedures prescribed by the hearing body. An open record hearing may be held prior to a decision being issued on a project permit, to be known as an open record predecision hearing. An open record hearing may be held on an appeal, to be known as an open record appeal hearing, if no open record predecision hearing has been held on the project permit.

Open space

Land area which includes but is not limited to woodlands, fields, sidewalks, walkways, landscape areas, gardens, courtyards, or lawns, but not occupied by buildings, traffic circulation roads or parking areas.

Ordinary high water mark

The mark that will be found by examining the bed and banks of a stream and ascertaining where the presence and action of waters are so common and usual, and so long maintained in all ordinary years, that the soil has a character distinct from that of the abutting upland, in respect to vegetation. In any area where the ordinary high water mark cannot be found, the line of mean high water shall substitute. In braided channels and alluvial fans, the ordinary high water mark or substitute shall be measured so as to include the entire stream feature.

Outdoor storage

The keeping of any goods, materials, merchandise, vehicles, construction equipment, cargo containers, and the like for more than twenty-four consecutive hours in an area that is not in an enclosed building and is open to the sky. This definition does not include areas for the retail sale of new and used automobiles.

Overhead facilities

Utility facilities and telecommunications facilities located above the surface of the ground, including the underground supports and foundations for such facilities.

Overlay zoning district

A set of zoning requirements that is described in the ordinance and/or in this title, is mapped, and is imposed in addition to those of the underlying district. Developments within the overlay zone must conform to the requirements of both zones or the more restrictive of the two. It usually is employed to deal with special site characteristics.


The owner of record of real property, although when real property is being purchased under a real estate contract, the purchaser shall be considered to be the owner of the real property if the contract is recorded.

(Ord. 013/2019 § 2)