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An establishment where the majority of retail sale is of products such as breads, cakes, pies, pastries, etc., that are baked or produced and sold on premises.

Bank with drive-up facility

A business offering financial services that is designed and intended to allow drivers to remain in their vehicles before and during participation in an activity on the site.


A space having one-half or more of its floor-to-ceiling height above the average level of the adjoining ground and with a floor-to-ceiling height not less than six and one-half feet. See the International Building Code.

Bed and breakfast inn

These establishments provide short-term lodging in private homes or small buildings converted for this purpose, and are characterized by a highly personalized service and inclusion of a full breakfast in the room rate. Includes land uses specified in NAICS Industry Group No. 721191.

Best available science

Current scientific information used in the process to designate, protect, or restore critical areas, that is derived from a valid scientific process as defined by WAC 365-195-900 through 365-195-925.

Best management practices

Conservation practices or systems of practice and management measures that:

A. Control soil loss and reduce water quality degradation caused by high concentrations of nutrients, animal waste, toxins, and sediment;

B. Minimize adverse impacts to surface water and groundwater flow, circulation patterns, and the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of wetlands;

C. Protect trees and vegetation designated to be retained during and following site construction; and

D. Provide standards for proper use of chemical herbicides within critical areas.

Binding site plan

A scaled drawing, drawn by a professional surveyor, which:

A. Identifies and depicts the locations of all streets, improvements, utilities, open spaces, and any other matters specified by local regulations;

B. Contains inscriptions or attachments setting forth appropriate limitations and conditions for the use of the land; and

C. Contains provisions making any development be in conformity with the site plan.

Botanical garden

A public or private facility for the demonstration and observation of the cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables, or ornamental plants.

Boundary line revision

The revision of a boundary line between existing lots, which results in no more lots, tracts, parcels, sites, or divisions than existed before the revision, and which meets the criteria set forth in Chapter 22.68 MMC.

Boutique gym

A small (between eight hundred square feet and three thousand five hundred square feet) facility where fitness enthusiasts can focus primarily on one or two types of physical exercise or workouts.


The majority of the square footage of the brewery building and related structures is devoted to the process of brewing, storing and/or distributing beer.


A structure as defined in this chapter. When a total structure is separated by division walls without openings, each portion so separated shall be considered a separate building. “Building” includes all other structures of every kind regardless of similarity to buildings.

Building area

The total ground coverage of a building or structure which provides shelter, measured from the outside of its external walls or supporting members or from a point four feet in from the outside edge of a cantilevered roof, whichever is greatest.

Building envelope

The elements of a building that separate the interior and exterior environment and include a combination of building height, setbacks from front, side and rear yards, lot coverage, building footprint and floor area ratio or FAR; together these dimensions can define the building’s envelope.

Building height

The vertical distance from the finished average grade level to the highest point of the roof surface of a flat roof, to the deck line of a mansard roof and to the midpoint between the eaves and ridge for a gable, hip or gambrel roof.

Building line

The line, face, or corner of the part of a building nearest the property line.

Building permit

An official document or certificate issued by the building official authorizing performance of construction or alteration of a building or structure. As the term relates to park impact fees, “building permit” includes a permit issued for the siting or location of a mobile home.

Building setback line (BSBL)

A line beyond which the foundation of a building shall not extend.

Building unit

The equivalent tenant space. Building frontage measured from the centerline of the party walls defining the tenant space shall be the basis for determining the permissible sign area for wall signs.


Any person, partnership, association, corporation, joint venture, or similar group whether operating for profit or not, and any governmental agency.

(Ord. 033/2022 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 013/2019 § 2)