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In all civil cases, the plaintiff or defendant may demand a jury, which shall consist of six citizens of the state who shall be impaneled and sworn as in cases before district courts, or the trial may be by a judge of the municipal court; provided, that no jury trial may be held on a proceeding involving a traffic infraction. A party requesting a jury shall pay to the court a fee which shall be the same as that for a jury in district court. If more than one party requests a jury, only one jury fee shall be collected by the court. The fee shall be apportioned among the requesting parties. Each juror may receive up to twenty-five dollars but in no case less than ten dollars for each day in attendance upon the municipal court, and in addition thereto shall receive mileage at the rate determined under RCW 43.03.060; provided, that the compensation paid jurors shall be determined by the legislative authority of the city and shall be uniformly applied. Jury trials shall be allowed in all criminal cases unless waived by the defendant. (Ord. 014/2014 § 1)