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When any application for a permit to do any blasting as mentioned in MMC 16.12.020 is made to the city clerk, before issuing a permit therefor, he shall satisfy himself that the blasting to be done can be done without endangering the person or property of any of the inhabitants of the community in which the blasting is to be done and that the person making application to do such blasting is financially responsible to make good any damages that may be incurred through any fault or negligent act of his, in connection therewith, or if he is not financially responsible, then and in that case, a bond in the sum of three hundred dollars running to the city of Monroe, with sureties to be approved by the clerk shall be furnished, conditioned that such applicant shall pay or cause to be paid, any and all damages caused to any person or property by such blasting; and then if the city clerk shall be satisfied that the person or persons so applying for a permit will in good faith comply with the provisions of this chapter, a permit shall be issued therefor by the city clerk; provided, that such permit shall in all cases direct that such blasting shall be done under the inspection of the chief of police of the city or some other suitable and qualified person to be named and appointed by him, to inspect such blasting, which inspector shall be paid by the person making application for such permit. (Ord. 94, 1911; Ord. 39, 1905)