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This section contains the requirements for canopy and service station lighting. Where not in conflict, it is intended to supplement, rather than replace, other standards contained in this chapter that may be applicable.

A. In order to minimize the extent of direct glare, light fixtures shall not be allowed to be mounted on canopies, with the exception of architectural accent lighting, where such lighting shall be recessed so that the lens cover is recessed or flush with the bottom surface (ceiling) of the canopy, or shielded by the fixture or the edge of the canopy so that light is constrained to eighty-five degrees or less from vertical.

B. Other than architectural accent lighting and signage, lights shall not be mounted on the sides of the canopy.

C. Areas around islands and under canopies, to a distance of twenty feet, shall be illuminated so that the minimum horizontal luminance at grade level is at least one foot candle and no more than five foot candles. At the discretion of the director, increased lighting levels may be permitted for enhanced security purposes only. (Ord. 032/2007 § 1)