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In addition to the general requirements in MMC 15.15.050, the following requirements shall also apply to open-air parking lot lighting:

A. Open-air parking lot lighting shall be designed to (1) provide for uniform lighting throughout the facility with no dark patches or pockets; (2) provide sufficient lighting to identify parking features and provide pedestrian safety; (3) provide sufficient illumination for comfort and safety; and (4) shall be adequate to facilitate the activities taking place in a given location.

B. In order to direct light downward and minimize the amount of light spilled into the dark night sky, all lighting fixtures serving open-air parking lots, except as allowed in MMC 15.15.090, shall be full cut-off fixtures as defined by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

C. If the design of an area suggests the use of parking lot lighting features of a particular “period” or lighting style, the director may permit alternatives or supplements to the lighting described above.

D. The maximum permissible mounting height of open-air parking lot lighting within fifty feet of low and moderate density residential zones shall be seventeen feet.

E. During periods of non-use, the illumination of parking facilities shall be turned off or reduced to conserve energy. If reduced lighting is to be used only for security purposes, then lighting shall be reduced by a minimum of fifty percent from normal operating levels unless an exemption to that requirement is approved by the director of community development in writing. (Ord. 032/2007 § 1)