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In addition to the general requirements in MMC 15.15.050, the following requirements shall also apply to lighting designs and fixtures within fifty feet of low and moderate density residential zoning districts (including SR 15,000, R-4, UR 9,600, and UR 6,000):

A. Lighting poles shall be no taller than fifteen feet and shall be installed at a maximum height of seventeen feet above the grade of the area to be lit.

B. Wall-pack fixtures may be placed flush against a building wall or facade up to a height of thirty-five feet.

C. Lighting fixtures shall be aimed and shielded in a manner that shall not direct illumination on adjacent residential zones. Fixtures shall be of a type or adequately shielded so as to prevent glare from normal viewing angles.

D. At the discretion of the community development department and where feasible, additional landscaping may be used to provide light screening between commercial and residential zones to help prevent light trespass. Where landscaping is used for light screening, the director shall take into consideration the applicable landscaping and design standards found elsewhere in this code, the creation of excessive shadows or dark spaces, and views into and out of a site. (Ord. 032/2007 § 1)