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A. Subsequent to the recording of a reimbursement agreement, the city shall not permit connection of any property within the reimbursement area to any sewer or water facility constructed pursuant to the reimbursement agreement, unless the share of the costs of such facilities required by the recorded agreement is first paid to the city.

B. Upon receipt of any reimbursement fees, the city shall deduct a six percent administrative fee and remit the balance of the reimbursement fees to the party entitled to the fees pursuant to the agreement. In the event that, through error, the city fails to collect a required reimbursement fee prior to approval of connection to a sewer or water facility, the city shall make diligent efforts to collect such fee, but shall under no circumstances be obligated to make payment to the party entitled to reimbursement, or in any other way be liable to such party, unless such reimbursement fee has actually been paid to the city.

C. Each reimbursement agreement shall include a provision requiring that every two years from the date the contract is executed a property owner entitled to reimbursement under this section shall provide the contracting municipality with information regarding the current contact name, address, and telephone number of the person, company, or partnership that originally entered into the agreement. If the agreement beneficiary fails to comply with the notification requirements of this subsection within sixty days of the specified time, then the city may collect any reimbursement fees owed to the agreement beneficiary under the agreement. Such fees shall become the property of the city and shall be revenue to the city sewer and water utility. (Ord. 007/2011 § 1 (Exh. A); Ord. 920, 1989)