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A. The rates for water service for the water system of the city shall be as established by the city council by periodic resolution. The rates established by periodic resolution shall not override any valid preexisting water contracts.

B. For service outside the city limits, the charges shall be one hundred fifty percent of the standard in-city rate as established by the city council by periodic resolution. “Outside of the city limits” shall mean any property that qualifies for one or more of the following:

1. A majority of the property is situated outside of city limits;

2. A majority of fixtures on the property are outside of city limits; or

3. A majority of the value of improvements is outside city limits.

“Property” for purposes of determining outside service shall include the property served by a wholesale customer of the city’s water system, i.e., if the wholesale customer resells to residential or commercial properties, the location of those properties shall be considered in determining whether the service is “outside city limits.”

C. Irrigation water meters turned off during winter months for winterizing shall not be assessed charges for services while water is off. When irrigation meter is turned on, charges will be assessed. (Ord. 017/2015 § 6; Ord. 005/2006 § 1; Ord. 039/2004 § 1; Ord. 027/2003; Ord. 1284, 2002; Ord. 1245, 2001; Ord. 1219, 2000)