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Upon presentation of receipt for the installation fees, the public works director shall cause the premises described in the application to be connected with the city’s water main by a service pipe extending at right angles from the main to the property line, provided such main be available adjacent to the property to be serviced, and such connection shall include a meter and stopcock placed within the lines of the street or curb, which connection shall thereafter be maintained and kept within the exclusive control and ownership of the city, and in no case shall the owner of any premises have the right to claim or reclaim any part thereof; provided, however, that when the service connection cannot be protected within the lines of the street or curb or when the main may be on privately owned premises the city may enter upon the applicant’s premises for the purpose of installing and maintaining such connection as herein provided.

No water service shall be furnished by direct line from the city’s mains to any steam boiler on any person’s premises. (Ord. 025/2019 § 1; Ord. 1260, 2002; Ord. 327, 1954)