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The application provided for in MMC 13.04.020 and 13.04.030 shall contain a contract on the part of the person making the same to pay for the water applied for at the rate and in the manner specified in such contract, and shall reserve to the city of Monroe the right to charge and collect the rates and enforce the penalties provided for in this chapter, in the manner herein provided, to change the rates at any time by ordinance, to temporarily discontinue the service at any time without notice to the consumer, and shall specify that the contract is subject to all the provisions of this chapter, and of any ordinance of the city of Monroe relating to the subject, hereafter passed, and shall provide that the city shall not be held responsible for any damage by water or other cause resulting from the defective plumbing or appliances on the premises supplied with water, installed by the owner or occupants of the premises, and shall provide that in case the supply of water shall be interrupted or fail by any reason, the city shall not be held liable for damages for such interruption or failure, nor shall such interruptions or failures for any reasonable period of time be held to constitute a breach of contract on the part of the city or in any way relieve the consumer from performing the obligations of his contract. (Ord. 327, 1954)