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The weight of any vehicle operating on city streets not designated as truck routes shall not exceed fifteen thousand pounds gross vehicle weight; provided, that the following exceptions shall be applicable:

A. School buses, regardless of weight, shall be authorized to use all city streets.

B. Emergency vehicles may utilize all city streets for emergency or other suitable municipal purposes.

C. Motor vehicles exceeding the weight limitation may transport commodities and make deliveries to and pickups from points in the city; provided, that such vehicles are not driven for more than a minimum distance necessary for the purpose and subject to subsection (D) of this section.

D. Motor vehicles exceeding the weight limitations may make pickup from and deliveries to the businesses located within the general industrial park area surrounded by Highway 2 to the north, Fryelands Boulevard to the west, 148th Street to the south, and 179th Avenue SE to the east, and shall be allowed to use Fryelands Boulevard as an authorized travel route for those purposes, notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary in this chapter.

E. Motor vehicles with a valid overweight parking permit. Travel to and from any permitted parking site shall not be more than a minimum distance necessary from approved truck routes.

F. Motor vehicles operated by governments or utility companies may utilize all city streets for emergency or other suitable municipal or utility purposes. (Ord. 009/2018 § 13; Ord. 012/2014 § 3; Ord. 017/2006 § 1; Ord. 1252, 2002; Ord. 914, 1989; Ord. 665, 1978; Ord. 658, 1978)