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A. Law enforcement officers of the city and persons commissioned by the police chief are authorized to use automated traffic cameras and related automated systems to detect one or more of the following traffic infractions:

1. Stoplight infractions;

2. Railroad crossing violations;

3. School speed zone violations.

B. The use of automated traffic cameras is subject to the following restrictions:

1. Use of traffic safety cameras is restricted to “two arterial intersections” (the intersections of two arterial streets), railroad crossings and school speed zones only.

2. Automated traffic cameras may only take pictures of the vehicle and the vehicle license plate and only while an infraction is occurring. Pictures taken by automated traffic safety cameras may not reveal the face of the driver or of the passengers in the vehicle.

C. The city shall clearly mark all locations where automated traffic safety cameras are in use by placing signs in locations that clearly indicate to a driver that he or she is entering a zone where traffic laws are enforced by an automated traffic safety camera.

D. For the purposes of this chapter, “automated traffic safety camera” means a device that uses a vehicle sensor installed to work in conjunction with an intersection traffic control system, a railroad grade crossing control system or a speed measuring device, and a camera synchronized to automatically record one or more sequenced photographs, microphotographs or electronic images of the rear of a motor vehicle at the time the vehicle fails to stop when facing a steady red traffic control signal or an activated railroad grade crossing control signal, or exceeds a speed limit in a school speed zone as detected by a speed measuring device. (Ord. 002/2007 § 1)