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A. Required. Motor vehicles exceeding the weight limitations of MMC 10.24.040 shall obtain an overweight parking permit from the city administrator or his/her designee prior to parking on rights-of-way that are not designated as truck routes or on property that is not immediately adjacent to a designated truck route; provided, that the following exceptions shall be applicable:

1. School buses.

2. Emergency vehicles.

3. Motor vehicles exceeding the weight limitation transporting commodities and making deliveries to and pickups from points in the city.

4. Motor vehicles operated by governments or utility companies.

B. Application for Permit. Owners or drivers of motor vehicles exceeding fifteen thousand pounds GVW may obtain an annual permit from the city to park a vehicle on property owned or occupied by them or the right-of-way immediately adjacent to property owned or occupied by them. The application for such permit shall be on a form provided by the city. The cost of such application shall be as established by the city council by periodic resolution.

C. Review of Application. Requests for overweight parking permits shall be reviewed upon application and at least annually thereafter to ensure that the parking of such vehicle will not damage the public right-of-way, impair access to and from the public right-of-way, obstruct traffic on any city street, or unsafely obstruct the visibility of motorists or pedestrians.

D. Revocation of Permit. Such permit may be revoked by the city administrator or his/her designee at any time if it is determined that the parking of the vehicle is damaging the public right-of-way, impairing access to and from the public right-of-way, obstructing visibility of other motorists or pedestrians, or in any other way infringing on public interests.

E. A decision of the city administrator or his/her designee issued under the authority of this section shall be administratively appealable to the hearing examiner pursuant to Chapter 2.34 MMC. (Ord. 009/2018 § 8)