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A. A notice and order of code violation, and/or an order assessing civil penalties, may be appealed in writing to the city’s hearing examiner within fifteen calendar days of the issuance of notice and order of code violation or the order assessing civil penalties; otherwise, the decision is the final decision of the city and the hearing examiner shall be without jurisdiction to hear an appeal. The appeal shall identify the appellant, provide appellant’s address and telephone number, and state the grounds of appeal. The notice of appeal shall be accompanied by the fee for filing an appeal established pursuant to Chapter 3.34 MMC.

B. Civil penalties shall continue to accrue during the pendency of an appeal, unless the appellant posts with the city a supersedeas bond in an amount set by the hearing examiner sufficient to protect the interests of the city.

C. Upon timely appeal and after consultation with the hearing examiner, the department director shall prepare a written notice setting the date, time and location of the hearing.

D. The department director shall prepare the record of appeal as provided in the rules of the city’s hearing examiner.

E. The notice of hearing shall be sent to the appellant, at the address given in the appellant’s notice of appeal, by certified mail, return receipt requested, and by first class U.S. mail, postage pre-paid. (Ord. 017/2020 § 1 (Exh. A))